An installation #stoptheshaming for the exhibition PASSION
a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

"Come on in..." the red lips of Elizabeth Taylor are talking to you. Do you dare? If you listen to them, maybe you will enjoy the ride. Maybe not. Maybe you want to escape what you will experience inside. Maybe it will make you think. Don't worry. It won't be that bad. You will just see some of the tabloid headlines during and after her life. About her fame, her lovelife, her beauty, her private life. Are they objective? Are they shameful? Are they harmful? Are they fair? Can you find something about what she created in her career?

As a female actress, Elizabeth Taylor has faced double standards, sexism and prejudice in her life. For example about her marriages, her addictions, her money. Did you know she was a passionate participant in HIV/AIDS activism? How much do you know about her acting career?

When leaving this short ride, that symbolises a part of the life and afterlife of Elizabeth Taylor, we ask you again to think about it. Who are we to judge? Elizabeth Taylor's life filled with judgements represents nowadays many lives of (famous) women today.